GooseWatch NYC was formed after the government-led killing of Canada geese in Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY and other NYC parks in response to fears surrounding bird strikes after the "Miracle on the Hudson" in 2009. Even though those geese were DNA tested by the Smithsonian institute and determined to be migratory geese from northern Canada, flying at 3,000 feet altitude when the infamous incident occurred, thousands of resident geese that never migrate or fly high have been in New York City killed every summer by USDA Wildlife Services.
Our volunteers came together to document the USDA's lethal management actions, and obtained some of the first and only video tapes of the notorious agency's secretive roundup and slaughter operations in NYC. In addition to our work to protect geese, we have also been active in efforts to protect other species viewed as unwanted in New York City and beyond, including swans, turkeys, deer and coyotes. GooseWatch NYC is now inactive but maintains social media accounts to help share information about threats to wildlife and efforts to protect them.