Mayor de Blasio

GooseWatch NYC would like to congratulate Mayor Bill de Blasio on his election. We are excited that for the first time, the Mayor of New York City has a platform on animal issues, and cares about the humane treatment of animals. Mayor de Blasio has expressed support for pursuing alternatives to killing geese and other wildlife in New York City, and this is an important first step – we will ask to work with Mayor de Blasio’s administration to address this issue.


At the top of Mayor de Blasio’s agenda on animal issues is a legislative ban of carriage horses, which is expected to provide for humane retirement of the horses, and an opportunity for re-employment of carriage horse drivers, such as vintage electric cars proposed by NYCLASS. Animal advocates worked to elect Mayor de Blasio because of his pledge to ban New York City’s horse drawn carriages, and he recently reaffirmed his commitment to doing so.


There are many reasons that people who care about animals have concluded that the use of horse drawn carriages in New York City should come to an end. Working 9 hours a day in Midtown, forced to contend with traffic and congestion, humidity, undersized stables, and deprive them of daily access to pasture.  Many horses have died on the streets, been involved in spooking incidents, accidents, many were "broken" so they could withstand the loud bangs and honks of city streets, and many have been sold by their owners to slaughter buyers at auctions after they could be worked no longer.


As GooseWatch NYC supporters are obviously aware, horses are not the only animals we can find in New York City. We are fortunate that our city still provides a robust habitat for wildlife. Our parks and even our neighborhoods are filled with hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Furthermore, our shelters are filled with companion animals waiting for adoption. We can value animals without using them for entertainment – placing them behind bars, shackled in circuses, and pulling carriages.


For the first time we have a mayor who has expressed a desire to improve the way our city deals with animal issues. However, we must acknowledge that it is going to take time to implement the changes that we want to improve the welfare of animals. Animal advocates should continue to support Mayor de Blasio and help him succeed in accomplishing these goals.


David Karopkin

GooseWatch NYC

Jan 5, 2014