Feeding Harms

Feeding waterfowl human food is more harmful than beneficial to wildlife, and should be discouraged and only be done if vital for the health of an animal. There are many reasons why people love to feed the waterfowl: it is an innate desire to want to bond with and/or otherwise show care for the birds. But what most people don't realize is that there are many reasons why doing so actually poses great danger and risk to these animals.


Foremost, human food is detrimental to the health of the waterfowl and can cause ailments and nutritional deficiencies. Additionally, if fed, the birds can become tolerant and conditioned to the presence of humans, which can serve as a threat to their well-being when encountering societal dangers such as traffic or mal-intentioned humans. Furthermore, it is theorized that feeding discourages or delays migration and other natural behavior.


The notion that waterfowl cannot survive without human intervention is false. Ducks and geese have survived for thousands of years without food handouts and today many species of waterfowl are thriving. Please enjoy our local waterfowl but view them from a distance and respect their wildness. By doing so, you will provide them with their best chance for survival. Left on their own, ducks and geese will occupy areas that provide sufficient natural food. When local resources are low or depleted, they will innately move to new locations.