Poaching and Attacks

Sticky, a goose in Prospect Park, gained quite a notoritety after he was discovered shot through the neck with an arrow from a crossbow in 2010. After numerous failed attempts to capture and rehabilitate the bird, the arrow was eventually discovered dislodged on its own, but soon afterwards Sticky was caught in the roundup and slaughter of 400 geese in the park.

In a string of dart gun attacks on wildlife of Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx, park staff noticed two ring-billed gulls, a Canada goose and a squirrel, all walking around near the Orchard Beach parking lot with darts in them. One gull had a dart below an eye and the goose’s dart was lodged in its shoulder. A member of the park patrol officers union said that people buy blowguns at nearby delis and go “hunting in the park.”

Animals are also threatened by different people who hunt, poach, or fish for food in New York City parks, which is illegal (for good reason). Different animals are also found indured or killed after likely being used as objects of religious sacrifice. Animals are also frequently abandoned in the park and left to fend for themselves. These incidents occur more often than one might imagine, and often private wildlife rehabilitators are left to tend to the injuries animals may have.